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Projets /Actions AIDN : 2013 à nos jours

2020/2023Salle Multifonctionnelle de Ndianda (Bibliothèque, Espace Informatique, Espace Conférence/Réunion)Plus de 15 000 € engagés ( environ 9 800 000 FCFA)En cours

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2022 Don d'une ambulance au centre de santé de Ndianda Réalisé
2022 Don de blouses à des structures de santé dans les communes de Nguéniène et Joal-Fadiouth Réalisé
19/04/2020 Soutien Anti-Covid au centre de santé de Ndianda 100 000 FCFA Réalisé
2019 Soutien aux familles sinistrées suite à un incendie à Ndianda 335 € (219 425 FCFA) Réalisé
2019 Journée Sargal (Hommage) au centre de santé de Ndianda 100 000 FCFA) Réalisé
07/2018 Soutien à l'AJDN (Association des Jeunes pour le Développement de Ndianda) pour leurs activités sportives hivernales 100 000 FCFA) Réalisé
11/2017 Don au comité de santé pour l'inauguration de la maternité de Ndianda 150 000 FCFA Réalisé
30/12/2017 Don de l'association "Women To The World" aux femmes qui travaillent dans le domaine du maraîchage à Nguéniene 1000 $ Réalisé
2017 Fournitures scolaires à l'école de Ndianda 2 86 400 FCFA Réalisé
2017,2018,2019Cours de soutien scolaire aux classes d'examen : 3ème (CEM), CM2 (Ecole Ndianda 1)540 100 FCFA,450 000 FCFA,XXXXX FCFARéalisé
2016Cours de soutien scolaire aux classes d'examen : 3ème (CEM), CM2 (Ecole Ndianda 1)591 420 FCFARéalisé
2015 Soutien aux Etudiants de Ndianda pour l'achat de tickets (cantine) 100 000 FCFA Réalisé
2015 Soutien à l'AEERN (Association des Elèves et Etudiants de Ndianda) 133 000 FCFA Réalisé
2014Projet Fournitures scolaires 20143 309 372 FCFARéalisé

Merci à nos généreux donateurs.

2013Projet Fournitures scolaires 20133 010 500 FCFARéalisé
@aidn.ndianda Salle Multifonctionnelle de Ndianda (Sénégal) #aidn ♬ Epic - Joystock
Salle Multifonctionnelle

Salle Multifonctionnelle de Ndianda

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Ambulance par AIDN


Our Achievements

IADN was founded just six months ago.  During this first year of existence IADN’s strategy has prioritized establishing the judicial and administrative groundwork of its operations.  For this reason one Facebook page named Group of Reflection and Encouragement for the establishment of the Association for the Development of Ndianda (AND) was created just after the first organized meeting on skype in July 2012.  Members were invited and added on this page in order to discuss methods for the establishment of the organization.  Thus, the texts of statutes and rules of procedure were written and after many exchanges and meetings, submitted to the General Assembly for discussion and adoption.

The initial Board was formed and adopted by the General Assembly and the name International Association for the Development of Ndianda (IADN), its logo (with artistic expertise of Bernard Ndour), and its motto were proposed and adopted.  The membership fees were fixed and two provisional banking accounts were opened so that the members could start to voice their monthly/ yearly contributions.  Three headquarters were proposed, one in Senegal, the other in France, and the third in the USA.


In addition, a procedure of recognition by the French authorities was launched and the voucher of AIDN was obtained, followed by publication and recognition in the Official Newspaper of the French Republic.  The next step was to reserve a domain name for the construction of a website under the technical direction of the Vice-President of the Association.  The name and the accommodation were reserved and a test site was built.  After this procedure, the writing and editing commissions were created in order to generate the content of the website.  These different commissions worked in close collaboration and sometimes called upon the services of experts, as in the case of the Culture page.


With this initial version of the site, the content is in a general order.   The content will be expanded regularly with the addition of targeted and very detailed articles.  The site will be updated frequently in order to maintain its accuracy and preserve its existence for the long run.

 The achievements for the first year of existence will continue to grow through to the start of 2013 in particular with the opening of bank accounts by geographic zone, the acknowledgement of the Association in Senegal, the U.S., UK, Italy, and Canada wherever it has members.

 In 2013 we realize the project  "School Supplies for schools in Ndianda". Distribution of supplies to schools in Ndianda took place in two sessions on  November 1 and 9 .

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