AIDN : Association Internationale pour le Développement de Ndianda (Sénégal)

Unis pour Ndianda

The International Association for the Development of Ndianda (IADN) intend to tie partnerships with institutions, businesses and communities in order to help us develop our projects.

In 2013, the company Barocco offered clothes (shirts, tank tops, t-shirts and jackets), which have been distributed to the two elementary schools in Ndianda.

In April 2014, the Standard Football Club Bailly Noisy-le-roi offered games jerseys, footballs, basketballs and nets to IADN. This equipment will be provided to ASCs (Sports and Cultural Association) of Ndianda.

Salesforce company provided us 20 salesforce licences for free.

Google company provided us access to Google for Non profit tools for free.

Thank you to our generous partners.

Our partner associations :

Solidarité Ndianda
Ecole maternelle de Varades
ASIAM ( Association pour la Solidarité Internationale à Malakoff )

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